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Studio Policies

Drop out Procedure

Immediate notification is required if your child no longer wants to continue with classes. You will be required to pay for all dance classes received. Registration fees are non-refundable as well as Costume Fees. Costumes are ordered as soon as the fee is received, since they are made to order I cannot return them or collect a refund. If paid, you will receive a costume regardless of your child is in the recital or not.

Attendance and Weather Cancellations

Attendance is crucial to see development and growth. Please be on time, in proper attire, and ready to learn. If a dancer is more than 15 minutes late, they must sit out or stretch at the side. No refunds- if absent or for weather cancellations, classes might be rescheduled for a make-up class, or the dancer can attend another age-appropriate class if absent. If Clearwater school district is closed due to weather, so will the studio. ​


Students must be in appropriate dance attire, such as, leotard, tank or bra tops, bootie shorts, dance or yoga pants, etc. Clothes need to be form-fitting so I can properly evaluate the body. Hip Hop is the only exception, Hip Hop dancers can wear baggy or loose-fitting clothes. Jean material is not acceptable for any classes and hair needs to be pulled back away from the face. Girls in ballet will need to wear a leotard and tights; also, hair needs to be in a bun if possible. Boys taking ballet need to be in all black form-fitting attire. No loose hair or jewelry. Dancers can wear socks AT THEIR OWN RISK. Dance shoes recommended.


There will be an annual recital at the end of each year. Attendance is even more crucial in the Spring to prepare for this big event. No refunds or returns once costumes have been ordered. I will collect costume money in January and order the costumes in late February. $20 recital fee (collected in April) and $50ish for costumes (collected in January). Recital is optional, but it is an awesome experience!



Label all shoes, bags, clothes, etc. MSD is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Ages for classes are not the only determining factor- skill level will also decide what class they should participate in. NO GUM or food; water and hydration drinks are acceptable on the dance floor and in the lounge. Parents and family members can observe class the last session of the month, there is a lounge during the other class days. Monthly newsletters will be emailed or handed out the beginning of each month.

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